Purple Door Creative is looking for 5 businesses in Durham Region and Kawartha Lakes that require aerial photography or video starting in the month of March 2017.  It’s a win/win proposal – you get FREE aerial photography or video of your project or listing and I get to build my portfolio and standing with Transport Canada!  Contact Paula for details 905-243-3929 or  Some limitations/restrictions apply. 

DJI Phantom Drone in blue skyPurple Door Creative & Paula Kennedy are proud to be Transport Canada compliant UAV/Drone operators/aerial photographers/videographers serving Durham Region and Surrounding areas for Realtors, Builders, Developers, Landscapers and more.  If you have a need for a bird’s eye view of something, contact Purple Door Creative.

As a responsible UAV operator, we operate within the requirements of Transport Canada’s commercial guidelines for UAVs and UAS’s. Many of which are important for you to know as they can affect the chances of receiving approval for an aerial shoot of your listing or project.

Transport Canada requires UAV operators to follow these basic Do’s and Don’ts. Additional regulations may apply depending on the geographic location involved:


  • Fly your UAV during daylight and in good weather (not in clouds or fog).
  • Keep your UAV in sight, where you can see it with your own eyes – not only through an on-board camera, monitor or smartphone.
  • Make sure your UAV is safe for flights before take-off. Ask yourself, for example, are the batteries fully charged? Is it too cold to fly? Is it too windy?
  • Know if you need permission to fly and when to apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificate (an SFOC is required for any commercial applications and can take up to 20 days for approval).
  • Respect the privacy of others – avoid flying over private property or taking photos or videos without permission.


  • Closer than nine kilometres from any airport, heliport or aerodrome (5 Nm).
  • Higher than 90 metres/300 feet from above the ground.
  • Closer than 150 metres/500 feet from people, animals, buildings, structures or vehicles.
  • In populated areas or near large groups of people, including sporting events, concerts, festivals and firework shows. (a “populated area” is defined as anything a larger than a homestead, so if you have 2 houses together, it’s a populated area!)
  • Near moving vehicles, avoid highways, bridges, busy streets or anywhere you could endanger or distract drivers.
  • Within restricted airspace, including near or over military bases, prisons and forest fires.
  • Anywhere you may interfere with first responders.

Acquiring permission to fly in any of the above “DON’T” zones requires special permission from multiple parties, not just Transport Canada. The local airport could be involved (in Oshawa, for example, that’s pretty much a given as the majority of the city falls within 5Nm of the Oshawa Municipal Airport), as well as the Municipality if any by-laws affect the project.

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