Wow! Your pictures are beautiful! How do you do that?

It’s no secret that the go-to method of real estate photography is a technique referred to as HDR, or “High Dynamic Range” photography. Simply put, you take multiple images at different exposures and blend them with software to retain detail in both highlight areas and shadow areas. It’s quick and the results are…acceptable. In most cases. There are varying levels of HDR quality, too. From the grungy low end to significantly better processing on the high end.

As a rule, we don’t use HDR.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe there’s a time and a place for it (namely exterior photography). We have perfected a technique known as flambient in the industry. It is also multiple images taken at different exposures and blended together. The difference is, we use flash and the images are hand blended by a person – not a computer. It takes more time, finesse and skill but the end results can be spectacular!

No shadows cast by flashes behind pendant light fixtures or lamps, no deep dark shadows lurking in the corners or blown out highlights – and best of all – you can see what’s outside the windows!

Check out some examples. We think you’ll agree – our technique will make your images outshine the competition.

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