HDR photography grunge style

“Grungy” HDR processing. Photo © Paula Kennedy

At Purple Door Creative, we specialize in residential real estate exterior and interior photography and offer top quality interior photography using the latest photographic equipment and software programs. Most of our interior photography images are processed using “high dynamic range” (HDR) but focused on a natural looking image. HDR processing, if not done properly, can look very fake or dirty (grungy). Although this application has it’s place, we don’t believe that interior photography is it.

Careful HDR processing allows us to showcase both the interior of the selected room as well as the view through any windows in the room. Using the best exposed areas from 3-5 separate images of the same view of any room, we create a composite image that appears more natural to the viewers eyes and is therefore a more accurate representation of what someone would see viewing the property in person. Giving the viewer a better concept of the space and its relation to other rooms and the exterior.

We also employ a creative technique that’s been dubbed “flambient”, which is a skillful blending of multiple exposures of the same room, some taken with flash, and some without.  The best areas of each image are used to make a final image that showcases the best of every image and is most natural looking to the eye.

An image explaining the flambiet photography process interior photographyTo see what we’re talking about, please take a moment to scroll through our sample images in the gallery below. Pay particular attention to the windows – what a beautiful view! Isn’t it nice to be able to see, and appreciate that? Can you do that in your current images?

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Your listings need to be eye catching with clean, clear, professional images. Today’s Buyers are bombarded with marketing images everywhere they go – whether it’s online and offline.  By using photography by Purple Door Creative, you’ll ensure your listing stands out among the competition. Call Paula at Purple Door Creative today to discuss our plans and pricing at 905-243-3929 or info@purple-door.ca.