Last update 2022-03-11

1. SCHEDULING OF SERVICES – Please call 905-243-3929 or email info [at] purple-door.ca for a copy of our price list with full descriptions/definitions of current services. Once you have reviewed and selected which service(s) you would like to order, call or email to schedule a time with our photographer(s). Although we would prefer a minimum of 4 days notice, we understand that the real estate market can be unpredictable and will endeavor to accommodate your needs and your clients needs as much as possible.  Appointments are available Monday – Friday and some Saturdays by request. 

2. RESPONSIBILITIES OF AGENT, SELLER & PHOTOGRAPHER – It is the Agent and Sellers responsibility to have the home photo ready at the time scheduled for the shoot. Some of the things that must be done are:

  • remove vehicles from driveway (this includes trailers, boats, etc), wherever possible
  • Put away lawn toys (kids and pets!)
  • Trim lawns, sweep walks, tidy gardens
  • Put away lawn tools, store garden hoses neatly
  • Uncover pools or hot tubs, if appropriate
  • If winter, shovel driveway and walkways and ensure they are clear of ice & snow
  • Ensure all interior lights are ON, including lamps
  • All ceiling fans must be OFF
  • Toilet lids must be CLOSED
  • Close all windows & sliding doors/screens
  • Ensure pets are contained or removed (Purple Door Creative will not be held responsible for escaped pets so make sure they are secured!)

2a. Our photographer will arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled shoot time (+/-). If for any reason they expect to be later than 30 minutes, you will be contacted on the mobile number we have on file for you to advise you of our expected arrival time. Note that we pride ourselves on our punctuality! 

2b. With the exception of tenanted properties, which will be shot as is/where is, our photographer will complete a cursory walk through of the property prior to commencing the shoot to ensure everything is as it should be and will do minor straightening of soft elements such as pillows, towels, etc but otherwise the property will be shot as is. For health and sanitary reasons, our photographer will not adjust horizontal blinds or pull shades or touch personal items such as toiletries or bedding so it’s important to make sure it’s picture perfect!! 

2c. If the property is not ready when the photographer arrives and it takes more than 15 minutes to prepare, the Photographer reserves the right to leave the property and the client will be required to reschedule. A cancellation fee will apply.

2d. If at any time the photographer feels UNSAFE during a shoot, they reserve the right to leave the property and request a rescheduled appointment. 

3. TWILIGHT, POLE & UAV/DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES – These services are all dependent on weather, and, in the case of UAV/DRONE photography is also subject to flight restrictions. When booking any of these services, please keep this in mind. If you provide the property address in advance, we can advise if UAV/DRONE photography is permissible for that address. Please note, that even if UAV/DRONE photography IS permissible for the subject property, there may be additional restrictions which limit the extent of the services we may be able to provide. We will review this with you when you book your shoot. In the event that UAV/DRONE photography is not possible on the date of the scheduled shoot due to weather, we will reschedule at the earliest possible opportunity. There is no property revisit charge under these circumstances, however, mileage fees, if applicable, will apply. 

4. PHOTO EDITING – Minor corrections to images are included in the base cost of all photography packages, such as straightening verticals, colour correction, etc.  Advanced photo editing is available at an hourly rate (minimum charge 1 hr). See current price list for rates. Up to 4 sky replacements are included for 2 main exterior images and 2 rear exterior images. These 4 images are selected at the discretion of our team unless prior specific instructions have been made by the client. Additional sky replacements are billed as per our current price list. 

5. CLONING/DIGITAL EDITING OR  REMOVAL OF HARD ELEMENTS – At the request of the client, Purple Door Creative will digitally remove items using a digital photo editing program (such as Photoshop ©) to the best of our abilities for any items in a photo that could physically be moved but were not at the time of the shoot (i.e. cars, toys, etc). This is a billable service and billed as Advanced Photo Editing as noted in 4 above. Purple Door Creative will NOT clone/photoshop/digitally remove or alter any permanent fixtures affixed to the property or buildings or visible from the property or building (i.e. neighbouring structures, apartment buildings, hydro towers, hydro lines, utility boxes, etc). 

6. PHOTOGRAPHERS DISCRETION – all photos and/or videos taken of a property are at the discretion of the photographer unless a specific shot list is provided by the client in writing not less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled shoot. Should the client require additional shots not provided, a revisit fee may apply. 

7. PAYMENT – Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and prior to the delivery of your images unless otherwise noted on the TERMS section of the invoice. We accept payment via email money transfer or credit card. Payment instructions and options will be included in your invoice. Invoices not paid within 14 days of the invoice date are subject to a 8% per month interest charge. If additional measures are required to collect on unpaid invoices, the client agrees to be liable for any additional expenses incurred by Purple Door Creative such as but not limited to fees from collection agencies, legal fees, additional administration time required to collect on the debt, etc. 

8. COPYRIGHT – Purple Door Creative retains the copyrights to all purchased services. All images created by Purple Door Creative (both still and/or video including graphic design work) are the property of Purple Door Creative and protected by Canadian Copyright Law pursuant to the Canadian Copyright Modernization Act 2012. Purple Door Creative grants limited use of the images to their clients for the express purpose of marketing a specific property. No photos or videos may be given or sold to any other party without express written permission of Purple Door Creative, this includes, but is not limited to, transferring the materials to another individual, Realtor or otherwise, contractors, home/property stagers or any other commercial usage (marketing or sales). You are welcome to provide a copy of the images or video to the property owner for their own personal use and enjoyment.  

8a. Purple Door Creative reserves the right to use any photos/videos in their own marketing and promotional materials in perpetuity and without any compensation to the client or property owner. 

Infringements of non-permitted users without express written permission from Purple Door Creative is strictly prohibited and may be subject to additional fees or legal action.

Purple Door Creative holds the copyright to this website and all materials contained within.

Neither Purple Door Creative nor any of its representatives will be liable for damages caused as a result of material viewed or sourced from this website.

For more information on Purple Door Creative’s Copyright policy click this link: WHAT IS COPYRIGHT?

9. DELIVERY OF IMAGES – still jpg MLS ready photos delivered via Google Drive by 5pm next business day. Delivery via alternate methods available upon request at time of booking and based on accessibility/availability to Purple Door Creative. It is the clients responsibility to ensure they have added our email addresses to their safe senders list {info [at] purple-door.ca and admin [at] purple-door.ca}. Purple Door Creative is not responsible for delays in delivery caused by third party outages or failures. Delivery times are based on the timestamp of the sent email by Purple Door Creative. 

10. DELIVERY OF VIDEOS – video files will be delivered within 2 business days of completion of the on-site shoot. Video files (slideshows branded and/or unbranded) and video walk through (branded and/or unbranded) will be delivered via Google Drive. Delivery via alternate methods available upon request at time of booking and based on accessibility/availability to Purple Door Creative. 

10a. An unbranded MLS compliment slideshow or video walk through will be hosted by Purple Door Creative on a platform of our choosing for up to 1 (one) year from the date of creation at no additional cost. Hosting beyond 1 (one) year is $100 + HST billed at the start of year 2 (two). Hosting will be on a third party website as chosen by Purple Door Creative and subject to change without notice. 

10b. IMPORTANT NOTE regarding MLS compliant video/slideshow hosting. You will be sent specific instructions in the email with your unbranded tour link. You must follow these instructions exactly or there is a possibility that your tour will not display on Realtor.ca or Trebhome, etc.  Purple Door Creative will not be held responsible for any videos not uploaded using these specific instructions. 

11. DELIVERY OF FLOOR PLANS – floor plans will be delivered within 2 business days of completion of the on-site shoot. Floor plan measurements are approximate and are for illustrative & marketing purposes only. Measurements are not guaranteed to be architecturally accurate.  We take no responsibility for omissions or errors of any kind. Unless otherwise indicated, measurements are in feet and are Length x Width. Any person using the floor plan illustrations for any purpose other than their intended use must independently verify the size and dimensions of any room or structure. At this time, we do not provide total square footage calculations.

12. TEMPORARY CLOUD STORAGE Once you have received a link to download your images/files, please ensure that you do so to your own local storage device of your choice (computer, thumb drive, portable drive, etc). We do not guarantee that your files will remain on our cloud service beyond 7 days from the completion of your job. 

13. CURRENT PRICING Purple Door Creative offers many services and packages. Contact us at 905-243-3929 or info [at] purple-door.ca for our most up-to-date price list and services. Prices and packages can be combined and/or discounted at the discretion of Purple Door Creative,. Prices and packages are subject to change without notice. All prices are subject to 13% HST.

14. MODEL/TALENT – If the client requires models or talent be included in a shoot, such individuals will be arranged for and compensated by the client. The client will be responsible for obtaining model releases, if required. 

15. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY – Liability limited to the cost of the package ordered. If for any reason you are not happy, give us a chance to make it right. We pride ourselves on our happy clients! Ultimately, our job is to make you look good for your clients!

16. CANCELATION POLICY – For scheduled shoots canceled with less than 24 hours notice, 50% of the ordered service fee will be billed. If the shoot is rescheduled within 7 days, the cancellation fee may be waived OR credited towards the cost of the rebooked shoot, at the discretion of Purple Door Creative. 

16a. For scheduled shoots canceled less than 1 hour prior to the scheduled shoot time, the full cost of the scheduled shoot will be billed. 

17. SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT – It is the responsibility of the client and/or property owner to ensure that the location of the shoot will be a safe working environment for our photographer on the date of the scheduled shoot. 

18. EQUIPMENT LOSS OR DAMAGE – If any of our equipment is damaged in any way by you or your client (including kids and/or pets) during a property shoot, you will be responsible for repair or replacement at current replacement value.

19. TRAVEL/MILEAGE – Purple Door Creative is pleased to offer one of the largest coverage areas available and a generous 50 km (per job) waived mileage fee! For properties located further than 50 km (per job), a $.65/km fee applies to each km over 50km. Calculations are made using Google Maps based on our office located in Oshawa, Ontario. 

Example of calculations:

Oshawa to Bowmanville = approx 36 KM – no charge

Oshawa to Bowmanville (2 trips, same house) = approx 72 KM – 22 km billable 

Oshawa to Peterborough = approx 106 KMS – approx 56 KM billable

19a. SERVICE AREA – Our service area is from the Scarborough/Pickering border in the west, to Cobourg in the east and from Lake Ontario in the south to Uxbridge/Lindsay/Peterborough in the north.  If you have a property/listing outside of these boundaries, please contact us to discuss. If we are able to help you out, we certainly will! 

19b. For shoots requiring more than 2 hours of drive time total, an hourly fee of $65/hr (minimum 1 hour, billed in 15 minute increments after the first hour) applies for each hour in excess of 2 hours. 

19c. The client agrees to reimburse Purple Door Creative for any fees incurred for parking or tolls directly related to the scheduled shoot.

20. RELATIONSHIPS – Purple Door Creative is an independent contractor operating as a sole proprietorship and as such has not been and will not be considered an employee of any of the clients who retain their services such that there has not and never will be an employer/employee relationship between the parties. 

21. PRIVACY & PERSONAL INFORMATION Purple Door Creative will not share or sell any personal information collected from its clients during the course of doing business. 

21a. Purple Door Creative will not disclose any information regarding your clients or their properties or anything they may see while at the property unless compelled to do so legally.