Twilight Real Estate Photography

Twilight real estate photography can make an ordinary home look unforgettable.

A large custom home shot at twilightIn a world of “cookie cutter” homes, sometimes, it takes something extraordinary to stand out from the competition. Twilight real estate photography is one way to add that “WOW” factor to your listings and catch a Buyer’s attention.

Imagine someone scrolling mindlessly through listing after listing after listing on or Trebhome. Everything looks the same and then WHAM! One of these pops up. They’re going to stop and take notice, I promise you!

Twilight home photos are shot in the “golden hour”. This magical time takes place half an hour before and after sunset. The preferred time frame we want to work within is about 15 minutes after the sun sets. The long rays of the sun and warm quality of the light lends a certain quality to a photo that you just can’t capture any other time of the day. Well, except for at sunrise! If evenings don’t work for your clients, I also shoot “twilight “shots in the pre-dawn…or at the crack of stupid, as I like to call it!Brick bungalow home twilight real estate photo

These special photos will definitely make Buyers look twice. The dramatic skies and warm light casts a welcoming glow that will leave a lasting impression with potential buyers and stand out from the competition.

Twilight real estate photo swimming poolThey’re not just for the front of homes, either – think about pools, decks or hot tubs, too!

Best suited to homes with some exterior lighting and plenty of front-facing windows.

And don’t worry if it’s cloudy or there isn’t a pretty sky the night of your scheduled shoot…thanks to the magic of programs like Photoshop®, we’ve got that covered for you, too!

Virtual twilight with white border

Alternatively, we also offer VIRTUAL TWILIGHT or day to dusk conversion. We take a photo of your listing during the day, and convert it with photo editing software to simulate a photo taken at dusk!

For more information or to schedule a twilight photography session for your listings, contact Paula at Purple Door Creative for details You can find pricing information HERE.

A photo of a home taken at dusk twilight by Purple Door Creative

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