Why Purple Door Creative?

That’s an odd name for a photography business, isn’t it?

One of the first questions I get asked when people hear that I’ve ventured out on my own to start a professional photography and graphic design business in Durham Region, is “Why Purple Door?” Excellent question, and really, it’s a simple answer…everything else I wanted was already taken. The purple part was a given because, well, have you met me?? And given that certainty, it was just a simple matter of finding something to marry with purple that made sense. I tried Purple House, Purple Dog, Purple Hound (I’m also a dog lover), Purple Shutter (keeping in line with the house/photography theme) and eventually came to Purple Door. Happy days! Although there were a lot of similar companies, there were some possibilities. The next step was Purple Door “What”? Media wasn’t available. Marketing was gone, Photography was out. My creative team and I wracked our brains and as luck would have it, it came to me at 3:00 am one night. 3:00 am and I have a very turbulent and personal relationship, but I digress…my flash of 3:00 am insight gave me “Creative” and Purple Door Creative was born.

During my research while trying to flesh out a company name, I discovered the meaning of a purple door on a house, which I found to be comforting and appropriate to the atmosphere I’m hoping to build with PDC.

It does not necessarily mean that you are wealthy, but you are rich in your quality of life and well-being. You are also honorable. A purple front door can show your open mindedness. The color purple in the practice of feng shui is the only color that you can place in any direction.

Plus, I have a REALLY cool logo for Purple Door Creative…Purple Door Creative Logo showing a door with a P and a D interconnected

It’s a “P” and a “D” in the shape of a door. And, it also happens to be my first initial and my hubby’s first initial, so there’s that, too.

So there you have it. The short version of how Purple Door Creative came to be.

~ Paula

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